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CHANEL "Le Savoir Faire" Paris in Rome 2015/2016 by Fashion Channel

CHANEL Front Row Style Metièrs d'Art Paris in Rome 2015 2016 by Fashion Channel

Only Karl Lagerfeld can dare to bring Paris in Rome in the most fashionable manner with Chanel’s Paris in Rome 2015/16 Métiers d’Art collection and show. The French luxury fashion house’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection was showcased at the iconic Italian film studio, Cinecittà Roma. 

The all black-and-white decor, an ode to to late French production designer Alexandre Trauner, was complete with cheese shops, wine merchants, bakeries, an oyster bar and a cinema. Models emerged from a Metro staircase and strode by on cobblestoned streets patched with asphalt and dotted with curbside puddles.

During a preview of his latest Métiers d’Art collection, Karl stated, “I didn’t know when we started the idea of Paris in Rome that it would be the best moment to show a perfect, romantic Paris when Paris today in reality is the opposite of a romantic city. It’s really unbelievable, no?” It took the Chanel team six weeks to construct the night-time Paris street that formed the catwalk for this ode to left-bank 1960s Parisian style. Karl Lagerfeld said he was in love with early 1960s Italian cinema, and for this he borrowed heavily from French actresses such as Romy Schnieder and Anouk Aimee who both wore Chanel in early 60s Italian Films.
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